Blending seamlessness with the interplay of water against natural stone. The Whitley Residences emerges as a stunning architectural masterpiece and a mesmerizing statement in strata landed homes that draws inspiration from the fluid geometries of water in motion.

The Whitley Residences - Site Plan & Facilities (Legend)

A. Main Drop Off Point
B. Main Entrance Water Feature
C. Sentry Post
D. Waiting Area
E. Waterfall At Club House
F. Club House
- Multi Purpose Room
- Gymnasium
- Outdoor Fitness Area
- Male & Female Changing Room with Steam Room & Handicap Toilet

G. Waterfall Feature
H. Lap Pool
I. Wet Deck
J. Sun Deck
K. Aqua Gym
L. Children's Wading Pool
M. Leisure Pool 1 with Jacuzzi & Spa Bed
N. Green Deck
O. Leisure Pool 2 with Jacuzzi & Spa Bed
P. Multi-Purpose Lawn
Q. Seating Groves
R. Leisure Pool 3 with Jacuzzi
S. Meditation Garden
T. Hot Spa with Timber Deck
U. Children's Playground
V. Pedestrian Side Gate
W. Bin Centre & Electrical Substation

A harmonious union of fluidity gently intertwinedwith natural solid elements evokes a complete sense of acute balance. exuding a perfect setting of peace and serenity.


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